I am pleased to present the In-Depth Engineering Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“Code”). Although this document originates from a government mandate, I believe that the principles and practices described herein constitute a critical framework for continued growth and success.

In-Depth’s core values of integrity, excellence, and respect define who we are as a company. The idea that “doing the right thing” is more important than doing what is easiest or most profitable is an idea that I, along with Dave, Andre, and Howard, feel strongly about. Our corporate success fundamentally depends on our commitment to integrity. We want our colleagues and our customers to know that In-Depth operates with sound moral and ethical behavior; this will in turn foster long lasting professional relationships.

In-Depth is also firmly committed to excellence. We must strive for excellence in all of our engineering and business products and processes. In-Depth has a sound reputation as being a leader and “go to” company when a technical solution is needed. Our technical expertise is sought after. It is my personal goal that we continue to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through demonstrated excellence. Only through continued dedication towards excellence will our company grow and prosper.

Lastly, our business relationships must also revolve around respect. The respect we show for our customers, our employees, our peers, and our leadership is foundational to communication and interaction. Failure to treat people and organizations with due respect undermines relationships and diminishes our business opportunities.

Over the years, our business has grown steadily and the future of In-Depth Engineering is bright. I know that the success of our company depends on you, the employees of In-Depth. Being a small company, we choose our employees carefully. Obviously, we saw great potential in each of you when you were hired and I believe that each of you personally hold the same core values as those of In-Depth.

Our values of integrity, excellence, and respect are codified to some extent in this Code. The In-Depth Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (the “Ethics Office”) is hereby established and empowered to institute a rigorous corporate-wide ethics program. The Ethics Office, operating within the Operations Organization, will strive to always execute their function carefully and discretely to minimize concern with regard to reporting, and to encourage honest and forthright reporting of all activities of concern.

I commit to you that In-Depth will celebrate the courage of people who point out existing or potential ethical problems, and that we will not tolerate retaliation against people who raise legitimate ethical concerns. If you have concerns that relate to the actions or decisions of the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct, please contact me directly.

Each employee is required to read this policy and to submit a copy of the written attestation found at its end to the Ethics Office. A copy of this policy is made available to you through the company website so that you can refer to it as necessary. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the ethics office, which will be headed by Dana Last, at (703)592-0764 or send a note to

Robert F. Hogue
President and Chief Executive Officer